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Space Travel

Space Travel - Is it possible? You will know more about space travel after reading and understanding this part of the journey. Since the early part of the 20th century and even before scientists have been trying to discover how

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Space Telescopes

Before robot explorers, spacecraft, space explorations and the technology that we have now for continuing missions, we required telescopes on the ground from Earth to understand where we can go and how we would get there. Without space telescopes, an

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Astronauts are very interesting people. They are also very intelligent and are very dedicated to what they do. Since we have been sending astronauts into space, we have sent about 500. These 500 people are very lucky, because they are

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Robot Explorers

One of the main reasons how we have managed to travel into space and why we know what we know about the universe is by creating the technology to send robot explorers into space before we go. The other cool

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Becoming an Astronaut

Have you ever thought about becoming an astronaut or do you already know that you want to be one. So how do you actually become an astronaut? The answer is, its not easy, and it takes a long time and

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Living in Space

We are going to look into how people live in space (yes there are already people living in space right now) and how people will live in space in the future. It is human nature to explore, and space is the final

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ISS (International Space Station)

The International Space Station, more commonly known as the ISS is what we are going to learn about. The ISS is the 'International' Space Station, which means that the space station is an international project. The ISS is not the

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Space Agencies – Moon Landing & Mars Mission

There are many agencies involved in space travel and exploration. The main agencies in the continued discovery of the cosmos are: NASA, USA’s space agency; NASA stands for The National Aeronautics and Space Administration. RFSA, Russia’s space agency; Roscosmos stands

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Famous Space Scientists

In this section we will delve into the lives and the life works of the most famous scientists of all time, and what makes them so great, because they are truly amazing people. Nicolaus Copernicus Nicolaus Copernicus was born in

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Famous Space Explorers

This section will give you information on the lives of some of the most famous and important people who have been and are involved in the exploration of space. The first people that we are going to learn about are

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