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What is matter? Well it makes up everything in the universe in some way shape or form, it’s everything in the universe really, well everything that we can see, and matter is also everything on earth. 

Matter is everything that makes up space and has weight, however we cannot leave it there though; it’s not that straight forward.


There are three different main states of matter, all made up of tiny particles. They are…

  1. Solid Matter.
  2. Liquid Matter.
  3. Gas Matter.

There are also three further different states of matter that have been created by man. These are Plasmas, Fermionic Condensates & Bose-Einstein Condensates. These are complicated forms of matter so let us for now continue to discover the main ones.

How the main states of matter form is based on the amount of particles they are made up of. See below for a further lesson on this.

As we know now matter is everywhere on our planet and on different weird and wonderful planets in the universe.  All of the stars and gas clouds that make up our universe are made up of tiny particles bunched together called that are matter.

Solid Matter.

= Solid Matter such as stone is made up of particles that are really close together.

Liquid Matter.

= Liquid Matter such as water is made up of particles that are particularly close together but not as close together as solid matter.

Gas Matter.

= Gas Matter such as air is made up of particles that are close enough together but not as close as liquid or solid, which is why its in that form.

Take a look all around you and you will see, feel, taste touch and even breathe matter. If there was no matter, we wouldn’t matter! Get it!! 


Kids Fun Facts Corner

# 1. Matter has two types of properties; physical & chemical.

# 2. Most of the elements on the periodic table are made of solid matters.

# 3. Humans are made of all the three main states of matter.


Q&A Corner

Q. What are the properties of matter?

Q. What type of matter make up most of the elements on the periodic table?

Q. Where on Earth will you find matter?

Q. What are the three main forms of matter called? 

Q. What are the other forms of matter called?

Download questions about matter here: matter (answers are on this page)

Teachers. For more in depth work sheets on matter. Click on Kidskonnect. Worksheets

For further reading and more information on matter visit


Key Vocabulary Solid Matter. Liquid  Matter. Gas Matter. Plasmas. Fermionic Condensates. Bose-Einstein Condensates.


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