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So what have we learned about the universe! We have learned so much already, but let’s keep going! We have learned about the wonders of the universe and the big bang.


We have learned about our place in the universe and how life began. We have learned about our own galaxy and all different types of other galaxies. We looked into the mysteries of our solar system, space travel and future possibilities.


We have travelled to different stars, different planets and different moons, and we have looked into how these amazing creations were made, how they work in the universe and how they in fact come to an end and die.


Stephen Hawking


There are so many more different things in the universe that we still need to learn about. We are going to take you through some more weird and wonderful things that we know happen in the universe, or that we believe through scientists theories may happen in the universe. This section will try to answer all of the questions you have about: 

Black Holes: Explore Black Holes, how they work and how they were discovered.

Worm Holes: Explore what scientists believe worm holes are. Do they exist?

Gravity: Discover what gravity is and why its so important to us.

Time Travel: Is time travel really possible?

Gamma Rays: What are Gamma Rays?

Eclipses: The wonder of Eclipses.

Quasars: We explain what Quasars are and where they come from.

CERN: Explore the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

Redshift & Blueshift: The difference between a Redshift and a Blueshift.

Nebula: The fascinating space clouds that are Nebula.

Space Junk: What is classed as space junk and why its a big problem.

Space on the big screen – Movies: Discover Movies about space.

Science Fiction Programs – TV: Discover TV shows about space.

And stay tuned for new content added regularly.
Enjoy from the team


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