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So what have we learned about so far! We have learned so much already about our amazing universe, but let’s keep going! We have learned about the wonders of the universe and the big bang. We have learned about our

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Black Holes

For many years scientists started to theorize ‘Black Holes’ which means for many years Black holes were simply that. A theory! (If you do not know what a theory is, ask your parents or your teacher first) Black holes are

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It’s important to note that wormholes are most definitely just a theory right now. Unlike Black holes that used to be just theory, there is currently no physical evidence that wormholes exist or have ever existed. Scientists will however tell you

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Do you know what gravity is? Firstly gravity is so very important to the universe and how the universe works. It’s also very important to our planet, and how it works, and how humans function. Actually it’s just really important

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Time Travel

If you ask anyone about time travel, you will get fascinating answers, as it’s a fascinating subject. Time travel back into the past or forward into the future is the stuff of science fiction and always has been. There are

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Gamma Rays

Gamma Rays are amazing! This section will try to explain gamma rays for you in the easiest way possible so that you can learn and be knowledgeable about this wonderful phenomenon. Gamma rays occur all over the universe and can

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Have you ever seen an eclipse? And do you know of the different types of eclipses that occur! Yes, there are different types of eclipses and they occur at different times, in different phases, and in different positions. Eclipses would

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Quasars have been a mystery over the years, until we discovered more about them. Why is the name 'Quasar' so strange? It sounds cool right! What does quasar stand for ? Quasar actually stands for Quasi Stellar Object, called a quasar for

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What is CERN, what does CERN stand for and where is CERN? Kind of like the SETI institute, CERN is an organization of extraordinary people that work tirelessly on Nuclear Research. CERN stands for the: European Organization for Nuclear Research   CERN

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Redshift & Blueshift

What causes Redshifts & Blueshifts? And based on what causes them, what are they exactly? We are really getting into the physics of things. These shifts are complicated things to explain, however here goes.   The picture above is a good

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