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Dark Matter

Dark matter cannot be seen or detected not yet anyway, however scientists are pretty sure that dark matter exists, they just haven’t found a way of proving it yet.

So, I suppose it could be classed still as a theory, but unlike worm holes that are definitely just a theory, there are more reasons to believe that dark matter exists. Here’s why.


Scientists believe that normal matter that we can see makes up only a small portion of the universe, and that a very large portion of the universe is made up of what is called dark matter.

So while dark matter makes up a large part of the universe (or so it’s believed) it cannot be seen or give off any energy or light in ways that we can currently understand. Scientists believe that dark matter exists by monitoring the changes and effects to stars and galaxies. (normal Matter)

The way dark matter is detected as we can’t see it, is based on gravity. Gravity is very important in the discovery of dark matter and that is how scientists measure if dark matter exists.

They are sure it exists without seeing it because all of the normal matter in the universe doesn’t add up to the amount of gravity detected. So, really, there has to be something else there.

Think of it like wind. We know that wind is a force of nature that is there. We cannot see wind directly, however we can see in many cases the effects that wind has on other things on Earth, so we know that it’s there. It’s kind of the same for dark matter, but more complicated.

In the future we will discover more about what dark matter is and how important it is in the universe.

Now, if you think dark matter is weird and wonderful, there is also dark energy, which is even stranger. Go to the next TAB on dark energy to learn more, and to learn the difference between dark energy and dark matter.   


Q&A Corner                                        

Q. How are scientists trying to discover and confirm dark matter?

Q. Are dark matter & dark energy the same?

Q. What do scientists believe makes up a large portion of the universe?

Download questions about dark matter here: dark matter (answers are on this page)

For further reading and more info on dark matter visit matter

Key Vocabulary Matter. Dark Matter. Dark Energy. Galaxies. Gravity.


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