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What is matter? Well it makes up everything in the universe in some way shape or form, it’s everything in the universe really, well everything that we can see, and matter is also everything on earth. Matter is everything that makes up space and

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Dark Energy

Dark energy and dark matter are not the same. One is matter and the other is energy, but they are both dark, and just like dark matter while it’s believed that dark energy is there and does exist, as its believed that there

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Matter Facts

Matter Matter Fun Facts # 1. Matter has two types of properties; Physical & Chemical. # 2. Most of the elements on the periodic table are made of solid Matters. # 3. Humans are made of all the three main states of

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If matter is everything, well what then is antimatter? It’s quite complicated, so in this section we will try to break down and understand what antimatter really could be. Which is important as we don’t really know yet exactly what

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Dark Matter

Dark Matter cannot be seen or detected not yet anyway, however scientists are pretty sure that dark matter exists, they just haven’t found a way of proving it yet. So, I suppose it could be classed still as a theory,

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