Universe is everything!
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Welcome to Our Universe for Kids

The universe is everything! The universe is everywhere! The universe is infinite!

All that has ever existed makes up our universe. It is everything we have ever known. We as humans are part of this wonderful creation. Humans like you and I live on a rocky planet that is very large to us, but is a tiny spec in the infinite universe, hidden away in a cluster of billions of stars that makes up our galaxy.

Our very own galaxy has billions of stars and planets in it. There are also billions of galaxies in our universe. So, this makes for a very large place altogether! While all of these galaxies, stars and planets have existed for a very very long time, they have not always existed.

Fun Facts for Kids:

Scientists estimate that there as many stars in the universe as there are grains of sand on all the beaches on Earth.

All the stars that you may know and see at night in the sky were created by an ancient event called

The Big Bang nearly 14 billion years ago.

This amazing burst of energy created the universe as we know it, and it has been growing ever since!

Question. How old is the universe?

Answer. Nearly 14 billion years old.

Our Place In The Universe

Have you ever wondered where exactly in the universe our planet is?

In centuries gone by, early scientists thought that the sun revolved around the Earth, and that the Earth was actually the centre of the universe. It’s quite the opposite actually. We have since discovered that the Earth revolves around the sun, like all other planets in our neighbourhood. And while we now know that the Earth is in fact not the centre of the universe, we understand now where in the universe we actually are. Well kind of. Let’s explain…

Through study…

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Big Bang Explosion

The Big Bang

What is the Big Bang? Have you ever heard people or your science teacher talk about the Big Bang!

The Big Bang was a massive heat explosion that started the universe 13.7 billion years ago. This amazing explosion that started everything has had scientists scratching their…

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When you look out at the stars at night from wherever you are in the world, all the stars are pretty much the same when observing them. That’s until you take a closer look through your telescope. This is when you will find that you are…

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Beginning of the universe

Have you ever wondered how life began on Earth? Who hasn’t wondered this at some point!

The answer is fascinating. It’s kind of like answering the question. How did the big bang start? And where in the universe are we? Well you kind of get the same…

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