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Becoming an Astronaut

Have you ever thought about becoming an astronaut or do you already know that you want to be one.


So how do you actually become an astronaut? The answer is, its not easy, and it takes a long time and a lot of hard work and effort.



If you really want to become an astronaut you can. Here’s how.

The below outlines what it takes to becoming an astronaut.


Step 1

You need to study really hard in school first and graduate with good grades to get into college.


Step 2

You then need to study really hard at college and get a Degree in Science, Mathematics or Engineering. (A Degree means that you pass all of your exams and graduate college)


Step 3

You then need to train as a pilot and work at getting over 1000 hours aircraft pilot command, and test flight experience.


Step 4

Finally you need to pass a NASA physical test on specific standards that includes:

An eye test. You need to have good eye sight!

Your blood pressure needs to be ok.

Your height needs to between 58.5 inches & 76 inches.

So, when you are an adult, have finished school and college, have your flight experience and you are fit and healthy, there is nothing stopping you. You can do it if you really want to!


Fun Facts for Kids Corner

# 1. Astronauts need to train for 2 years straight after being selected for the program.

# 2. To become an astronaut with NASA, you need to become a US citizen.

# 3. NASA selects candidates to become astronauts every 2 years.


Q&A Corner

Q. What does the word astronaut mean?

Q. When do NASA select people to train to become an astronaut?

Q. How long do you need to train after being selected to become an astronaut?

Q. What height do you need to be to become an astronaut?

Q. How many major steps are there in becoming an astronaut?

Download questions about to becoming an astronaut here: becoming an astronaut (answers are on this page)

For further reading and more information on becoming an astronaut visit

  Key Vocabulary Space exploration. Spacecraft. Specialists. School. College. Pilot. Test.  


8 thoughts on “Becoming an Astronaut”

  1. this is so cool and it is quite easy to become a astronaut i have always wanted to be a astronaut and now i can!

  2. Is it hard to be a female austronaut
    does it have any special policies
    and can any girl in the world including poor
    be an austronaut if she naild it.
    What do you call female astronauts?

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