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Ultima Thule – The Snowman Space Rock

Have you heard of Ultima Thule? And what is Ultima Thule exactly?

Ultima Thule is a new discovery. It’s a newly discovered object in our solar system. Read on to learn more.




Ultima Thule was discovered in 2014 by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Ultima Thule orbits the solar system in the Kuiper Belt

The remarkable shape of Ultima Thule is likened to that of snowman. Yes you read that right a ‘snowman’ And when you look and see the pictures of Ultima Thule you will agree.

So Ultima Thule is also nicknamed ‘The Snowman’

So, with all this info, what exactly is Ultima Thule. Well, good question. With all the weird and wonderful objects in the universe, like great big dust clouds that form stars and planets, and with meteors and comets whizzing through the solar system, its a pretty average piece of rock when it comes to other amazing objects that have been discovered.

That’s not to say that it’s not special. Ultima Thule is a new discovery in our solar system, and we will continue to monitor it, and learn about it.



Kids Fun Facts Corner

# 1. Ultima Thule was discovered in June, 2104.

# 2. Ultima Thule orbits the Sun.

# 3. The official name for Ultima Thule is (486958) 2014 MU 69.

# 4. Ultima Thule is officially a trans Neptunian object.

# 5. Ultima Thule has an orbit around the solar system of 298 years.



Q&A Corner

Q. In what year was Ultima Thule discovered?

Q.  What asteroid belt is Ultima Thule in?

Q. What nickname has been given to Ultima Thule?

Q. What telescope discovered Ultima Thule?

Q. What is the official name of Ultima Thule?

Download questions about Ultima Thule here: Ultima Thule (answers are on this page)

For further reading and more information on Ultima Thule visit



Key Vocabulary Object. Solar System. Kuiper Belt. Stars. Planets. Universe.


1 thought on “Ultima Thule – The Snowman Space Rock”

  1. It confused me when it says that its a trans neptunian and is in kuiper belt and also why do they name it with numbers.

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