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Dark Energy

Dark energy and dark matter are not the same. One is matter and the other is energy, however they are both dark, and just like dark matter while it’s believed that dark energy is there and does exist, as its believed that there is some evidence of this, the energy cannot be completely proven and confirmed.

Gravity play’s an important part in the existence of dark energy and also dark matter and that is how this phenomenon is measured.

Scientists believe that dark matter makes up around 25% of the universe, with dark energy making up all but the rest at around 70%. That means that only 5% of the visual matter such as stars, planets and gas clouds make up the entire universe. That’s pretty amazing when you think about it.


So, dark energy is believed to make up around 2/3‘s of basically everything in the universe and we still know almost nothing about it.

Again just like dark matter, we know almost for sure that it’s there, and in time we will figure out more about this type of energy that’s for sure! It might turn out to be somewhat different, but we are on the right track.

So, I know it’s still very difficult to understand, so it’s ok to ask again… What is dark energy? And the answer… The answer is, that dark energy it is believed is the driving force behind the expansion of space. What a cool answer!


Q&A Corner

Q. Are dark energy & dark matter the same?

Q. What is dark energy?

Q. How much of a percentage of the universe do scientists believe normal matter takes up?

Q. How much of a percentage of the universe do scientist believe dark matter takes up? 

Q. How much of a percentage of the universe do scientists believe dark energy takes up?

Key Vocabulary Gas. Gravity. Matter. Planets. Stars.


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