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About Us

My son and I created this website, as we are fascinated with the universe being amateur astronomers. With the help of each other’s knowledge to put together what we believe is a really cool educational website about the universe.

In explaining to my son what a mission statement is, we agreed that our mission statement is to

‘Continue to create content on different aspects of the universe for the educational and recreational purposes of all kids everywhere that are as interested as we are in the wonders of our amazing universe’

The website is aimed at kids to understand the universe for education in school and also for recreational learning, as we found very few completely dedicated websites for kids.  We will continue to add content regularly, and we hope this website can be a useful access point of information and facts for educators on the subject, or to be accessed directly by students.

Our website is  

We would really appreciate if you would consider putting our link on the school website or passing it to the webmaster. If you have feedback please feel free to email me at

[email protected]

About the author’s                        

Michael O Neill

Michael O NeillMy name is Michael O Neill. I am the one half creator and father of the other half creator of ‘’ website with my son Sam.

Sam O Neill

Sam O NeillMy name is Sam O Neill. I am the one half creator and son of the other half creator of ‘’ website with my dad Michael.

about usWe hope that you enjoy the website and find the website useful. Spread the word and send our link to your friends and family.

Our Best Regards

Michael & Sam O Neill