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It’s important to note that wormholes are most definitely just a theory right now. Unlike Black holes that used to be just theory, there is currently no physical evidence that wormholes exist or have ever existed. Scientists will however tell you that it’s mathematically possible for wormholes to exist.

There are many theories though as to how wormholes can be discovered, what they are made of, and what the purpose of wormholes in the universe could be. The theories are fascinating. Read on to learn more.


Its believed that wormholes could be possible, just like warp speed or time travel. These things are also only theories though, but could be possible in time, you never know! Most things start out as a theory and then are either proved or discovered so you’ve got to start somewhere.

The theory is that wormholes are tunnels through space and time, or more accurately through space-time, where things can travel through the hole at one end of space and end up coming through the other end in a completely different part of space somewhere in the universe many millions or billions of miles away!


One theory is that wormholes could be all around space and around our local space on Earth. Tiny microscopic holes, that could be forming – collapsing – forming again in different areas. If they do exist however, they are billions of times smaller than just a millimeter.


Another theory is that wormholes could be big portals through space and time, big enough that something could travel from one place in space and time, to a completely different place in space and time.  


If you want to think of what a wormhole is or could actually be like, or how they work. Think of a worm eating and making its way through an Apple at one end and coming out the other. Imagine the Apple as space and time and the worm, as well, the wormhole. Do you get it… How do you think wormholes got their name!


Whether it’s really small wormholes, or really large wormholes that can one day be discovered or even one day actually made, it’s still really only the stuff of science fiction for now, but who knows!! Anything is possible and one day this could be possible.  


Q&A Corner

Q. Are wormholes practice or theory? 

Q. In theory what are the sizes of wormholes (range)? 

Q. Are black holes & wormholes the same thing? 

Q. How do wormholes get their name?

Q. Are wormholes science fact of science fiction?

Download questions about wormholes here: wormholes (answers are on this page

For further reading and more information on wormholes visit

  Key Vocabulary Universe. Space. Time. Theory.


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  1. faves, since I was here were a few. Well another article that will work out just fine. I need this article just finishing up, fortunately for me it is on a similar subject as this post. Glad, have a good one.

  2. So they are talking a about traveling by just walking through a portal. Well that’s cool but i think its gonna be a while till we have those.

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