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Space on the big screen – Movies

Movies are great aren’t they? Who doesn’t like watching movies?

A really good way of learning more about space and the universe is through movies.

So, we are talking about SYFY movies. Have you heard of these? If not, SYFI stands for Science Fiction.

These movies are exactly that – Science Fiction! However many of these movies are based on fact. The really science parts are anyway, and the story and actions scenes are fiction.  


So, what is important is to watch the movies that have a lot of fact, which will help you understand more about the facts of the universe, and then you can enjoy the rest of the movie with the fiction.

Here is a list and a guide to some of the best movies about our amazing universe.

  1. Interstellar – 2014. Content Rating. 12A
  2. Contact – 1997. Content Rating. PG
  3. Gravity – 2013. Content Rating. 12A
  4. Star Wars – 1977. Content Rating. U
  5. Star Trek – 1979. Content Rating. 12A
  6. ET – 1982. Content Rating. U
  7. Apollo 13 – 1986. Content Rating. PG
  8. Transformers – 2007. Content Rating. 12A
  9. Men in Black – 1997. Content Rating. 12
  10. Stargate – 1994. Content Rating. PG

Note: Parental guidance is required for some of these movies.

Please ask your parents before researching and watching these movies.

Interstellar – 2014                    Content Rating. 12A


A team of scientists travel through a wormhole to try and find a suitable planet to live on for the sake of humanity as earth is slowly dying.


Contact- 1997                   Content Rating. PG


The earth finally gets contact through radio waves from an alien race, who sends plans to build a machine for humans to make contact.  

Gravity- 2013                   Content Rating. 12A


After an accident two astronauts are stranded in space where they need to work together to survive.


Star Wars – 1977                    Content Rating. U


Luke Skywalker and Co unite to attempt to save the galaxy from the evil of Darth Vader and the dark force.


Star Trek- 1979                    Content Rating. 12a


First in a series of popular movies, captain Kirk and the crew of the star ship Enterprise are faced with an alien space ship on an intercept course with earth.


ET- 1982                   Content Rating. U


A young boy and an extra-terrestrial life form become friends when the alien lands on earth. The boy with the help of his family and friends attempt to get the alien home.


Apollo 13- 1986                   Content Rating. PG


After undergoing damage to the space craft on a mission, NASA must come up with a plan to return Apollo 13 safely to earth for the sake of the crew.


Transformers- 2007                   Content Rating. 12A


A young man gets caught in a war between two cybertronian races who find themselves in a battle to find a secret clue to their civilization on earth.


Men in Black – 1997                   Content Rating. 12


The men in black are a secret organization tasked with monitoring aliens on earth, keeping the aliens a secret and protecting people from worst scum of the universe.


Stargate – 1994                   Content Rating. PG


Discovered in Egypt, a device so powerful, that it can transport people through interstellar space to different worlds, where people worship and ancient earth god.



All of these movies are very entertaining and also have a lot of facts about the universe that are fun. Enjoy this section. There is also a TV show section. Check it out!!

Kids Fun Facts Corner

# 1. Kip Throne who is a well known theoretical physicist was a consultant on the movie Interstellar.

# 2.  The movie contact is based on the book of the same name written well known science populariser Carl Sagan.

# 3. The movie Gravity took 4 and a half years to make.

# 4. The phrase ‘I have a bad feeling about this’ appears in every star wars movie.

# 5. The famous actor and star trek fan Tom Hanks was due to play a role in one of the star trek movies but unfortunately he couldn’t do it due to other work commitments.

# 6. The alien in ET is neither male or female.

# 7. The famous actor Tom Hanks who played one of the main characters had an asteroid named after him after the movie was done.

# 8. There are two main different types of transformers. The Autobots and The Decepticons.

# 9. The men in black movie is based on the men in black urban legend, where men in black suits turned up to supposed alien sightings to silence people from what they were supposed to have seen.

# 10. Much of the plot around the Stargate movie is based on ancient Egypt. 


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