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Living in Space

We are going to look into how people live in space (yes there are already people living in space right now) and how people will live in space in the future.

It is human nature to explore, and space is the final frontier of exploring. Eventually we will live on other worlds, and we are already trying to realize how this will be possible.


If you talk to any scientists who specialize in space travel, they will all tell you the same thing. They all believe that one day humans will live on other planets outside of our own planet. The plan would be to start with our nearest neighbor. The moon! Humans have already been there, so this is the most logical place to set up camp.

Humans will use the moon as a base to setup living on different worlds. The next world after that would be the nearest planet to Earth and the moon. Mars!!



As we know now, humans are already living in space since the first built space stations in the 1970’s. Since the turn of the last century (year 2000), rather than building separate space stations, several nations have come together to work, live and continue to build on one single space station. The International Space Station,  or ISS – This truly is amazing!


The ISS is about the size of a football field. The station was too large to be built from Earth. The station was actually constructed in space. From the year 1998, it took around 40 launches of parts to completely assemble the station. This truly is an ongoing world project and it’s a significant step towards the human race permanently living in space.

16 nations are involved in the work on the station. Over 200 astronauts have been to the ISS, and there is always somebody working on the station.


It takes a lot of time and effort to do the things that astronauts do, especially when they are actually in space. These people will be the ones that will again walk and live on the moon, and eventually in time on other planets. How exciting!


Kids Fun Facts Corner

# 1. For astronauts living in space, they see the sunrise every 90 minutes.

# 2. The longest time any one person has spent in space is 438 days.

# 3. Almost every astronaut experiences sickness while in space.


Q&A Corner

Q. Where is the place humans will live in space first?

Q. What is the longest time someone has spent in space?

Q. When where the first space stations built?

Q. What is the size comparison of the ISS?

Q. How many nations are involved in work on the ISS?

Download questions about living in space here: living in space (answers are on this page)

For further reading and more info on living in space visit in space 

Key Vocabulary Planet. Earth. Mars. Moon. Astronauts. Humans.


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