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SETI (Search For Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)

As we continue on our journey to find life outside of our planet, we really need to have a group of people on earth who’s jobs are just completely dedicated to the search for extra terrestrial intelligence.


Luckily we do. This group of people’s organisation is called. SETI, which yes you have guessed it, stands for:

Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence

The SETI institute was founded in November 1984 by a group of people that included Carl Sagan & Frank Drake. They were pioneers in their fields and were instrumental in the organisations setup.

Pictured above left – Carl Sagan

Picture above right – Frank Drake

SETI is a not for profit organisation with its mission to ‘explore, understand, and explain the origin of life in the universe and to apply the knowledge gained to inspire and guide present and future generations. A passion for discovery, and for sharing knowledge as scientific ambassadors to the public, the press, and the government’


SETI is based in California, USA. SETI plays an vital role in the search for life outside of our own planet, with SETI’s main mission to one day find life other than our own in the universe.

The SETI institute is an amazing place, with wonderful scientists and wonderful people doing the most brilliant work.

Its important that we have organisations like SETI in the world who are working on solving this age old mystery.  Are we alone in the universe? SETI is on a mission to find out.

For more information on the SETI Institute, go to:

Also, for fun, check it the video link below to the movie ‘Contact’ this movie is based in the book of the same name, that was written by one of the founders of SETI. Carl Sagan. Both the movie and the book are great sources of information on the search of extra terrestrial intelligence.   


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