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Science Behind Interstellar – Movie

Have you ever seen the movie Interstellar?  Well, it’s fantastic, and one of the greatest movies about the universe that has ever been made.

S0, if you haven’t seen this movie yet, make arrangements to see it and then come back here to this section of the website to learn more about the science behind this groundbreaking movie. So,  we will go into what is:

Science Fact & Science Fiction in this movie.

Important note before you watch the movie to learn more about the universe. Please check with your parents first, and make sure that you are allowed to watch it!!




So, before we get into what is science fact and what is science fiction, we want to let you know a who is the science fiction and science fact creators are on this masterpiece of film.

Kip Thorne – Kip is a theoretical physicist at Caltech and was a consultant and executive producer for the movie. So, Kipp was the driving force behind the ‘science fact’ of the movie,  along with the writers and film producers of course who played their part in weaving the science fact with the fiction.



Christopher Nolan – Christopher is a writer, the producer and director of Interstellar. Christopher is the main driving force behind this movie. Christopher also had help from his brother who co wrote the script, and his wife who co produced the movie.  




The main plot behind this amazing movie is about a team of explorers and astronauts who are on a mission to save the human race from extinction by travelling through a wormhole found in the solar system in order to find a new home on a new planet in a far off galaxy.

So, what we are going to get into is the science fact and the science fiction behind the movie.

Interstellar is one of the more accurate movies that is in fact still a science fiction movie.

What is science fact in the movie Interstellar?

Black holes are science fact. Black holes used to be science fiction and then a theory, and now from theory to fact. Black holes are a gravitational field at the center of each galaxy.  

Cryosleep is science fact. Not to the extreme in the movie, however once science fiction, is not actual science fact. Cryosleep is however in very early stages.

Event Horizon is science fact. An Event Horizon is the edge or boundary around a Black hole, and is the point of no return.  

Galaxies are science fact. We know galaxies are science fact, we can see this, study them and have been observing them for a very long time.

Gravity is science fact. Gravity is a force of nature in the universe that binds celestial bodies like stars and planets.

Planets are science fact. We know plants are science fact, we can see this, study them and have been observing them for a very long time.

Relativity is science fact. Relativity relates the motion of space, time, light and gravity.

Stars are science fact. We know stars are science fact, we can see this, study them and have been observing them for a very long time.


What is science fiction in the movie Interstellar?

Story is science fiction. While based on certain facts, the whole story in the movie is fiction. The events of the story never happened.  

Wormholes are science fiction. Wormholes are theocratical tunnels through space-time that could connect one distant place in space to another distant place in space.  

Black hole travel is science fiction. Travelling through a Black hole is in the movie, and while cool and interesting, cannot be proven, and is more likely impossible.

Saturn Space Base is science fiction. The space base at the planet Saturn in the movie is the stuff of science fiction. But who knows for how long. One day in the distant future there is sure to be such a thing.

So, as you can see and read, the story is science fiction, however most of the movie is based on science fact. This is a very accurate movie when it comes to it and in ouruniverseforkids view one of the greatest science fiction and science fact movies of all time. 



Kids Fun Facts Corner

# 1. The movie does not extremely violate the established laws for physics.

# 2. The main person behind the science fact in the movie wrote a book called ‘The Science of Interstellar’

# 3. Interstellar won an academy award for best visual effects.   

# 4. The music for the movie was composed by legendary composer Hans Zimmer.  

# 5. The movie uses as little CGI as possible.




Q&A Corner

Q. Who is the scientist behind the movie Interstellar?

Q. Who is the director of the movie Interstellar?

Q. Name one thing that is science fact in the movie Interstellar?

Q. Name one thing that is science fiction in the movie Interstellar?

Q. Who composed the music for the movie Interstellar?

Download questions about Interstellar here: Interstellar (answers are on this page)

For further reading and more information on Interstellar visit


Key Vocabulary Interstellar. Science. Fact. Fiction. Space.


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