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Science Fiction Programs – TV

Like the movies section, there are also many different and very educational TV shows about space that are as fascinating.

TV is also a really good way of learning more about space.

Like movies, these TV shows are science fiction.



Here is a list and a guide to some of the best TV shows about space.

Star Trek

The crew of the enterprise are on a mission to boldly go where no one has gone before.


Based on the ground breaking film of the same name, Stargate follows the adventures back and forth through interstellar space.

Battlestar Galactica

A flight against the Cylons on a journey to the last colony, Earth.

Dark Matter

A crew on board a deserted spaceship are looking for the answers as to how they got there.

The Expanse

SC-FI drama set in the future where three space workers discover a large conspiracy on the solar systems asteroid belt.


Star ship Andromeda is on a mission to rebuild the systems commonwealth 300 years after its destruction.



A rouge crew on board a small spacecraft travel to different parts of the galaxy trying to escape from the authorities and other enemies.

Kids Fun Facts Corner

# 1. Stephen Hawking appeared as himself in one of the episodes in Star Trek the next generation.

# 2. The creators of Stargate the movie, wanted to make a series of movies, however the TV’s shows were created instead.

# 3. There are no actual aliens in the Battlestar Galactica series.

# 4. While the TV show is called Dark Matter, the show is not about Dark Matter.

# 5. The Expanse TV series is based on a range of SI-FI books.

# 6. The Andromeda TV series was created by the same person who created Star Trek. Gene Roddenberry.

# 7. The SC-FI TV show Firefly is an space western.


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