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Chamaeleon – The Chameleon

Chamaeleon is one of the 88 constellations within the celestial sphere.

Chamaeleon is one of the 42 constellations that represents an animal.

Symbolism: Chamaeleon is also known as ‘The Chamaeleon’


History & Mythology

Chamaeleon is an insignificant and small as a constellation placed near the celestial pole that was introduced by Petrus Plancius in the 1590’s. The constellation represents a faint diamond shape in the night sky. Chamaeleon sits between constellations Carina and Octans.  


Key Data

Bordering Constellations: Chamaeleon is bordered by constellations Apus, Musca, Octans, Carina, Mensa & Volans.

Sky Chart #: 2. 

Star Raking: 79th largest constellation in the celestial sphere. 

Main Stars: Chamaeleon consists of 3 main stars.

Brightest Star: Alpha Chamaeleontis.


Kids Fun Facts Corner

# 1. Chamaeleon has 1 star with planets.

# 2. Chamaeleon I cloud is a Nebula 500 light-years away from Earth.

# 3. Alpha Chamaeleontis is the brightest star in Chamaeleon.


Q&A Corner

Q. What is Chamaeleon also known as?

Q. How many main stars does Chamaeleon have?

Q. What is the brightest star in Chamaeleon?

Q. How many stars have planets in Chamaeleon?

Q. What number star ranking is Chamaeleon in the celestial sphere?

Download questions about the Chameleon Constellation here: Chamaleon (answers are on this page)

Teachers. For more in depth work sheets on constellations. Click on Kidskonnect Worksheets  

For further reading and more information on the Chameleon Constellation visit www.constellation guide / Chamaeleon

  Key Vocabulary Constellation. Star. Celestial. Sphere.


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