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Space Voids

With all the galaxies, stars, planets and everything else going on in the universe, and with the ability through technology to view all of these amazing things clustered together, it becomes kind of a normal sight to see.

like the picture below…


So.. When we are searching the night sky and taking pictures and come across what can be described as a very large and noticeable gap where there seems to be nothing, it’s firstly very strange and also very interesting.

These are called ‘Voids’ and there are quite a few of them that we are aware of. See below the list of voids and an illustration.

(from left to right in the observable universe)

  • Fornax Void
  • Sculptor Void
  • Columbia Void
  • Capricornus Void  
  • Canis Major Void
  • Microscopium Void
  • Corona Borealis Void
  • Bootes Void

The Bootes Void is probably the most famous and largest void known so far.

The Bootes Void is also known as the ‘Great Void’ and it is fascinating that there are these great voids in the universe, and it just goes to show how vast the universe is, that we see these great voids that a millions and millions of light years in diameter.


The below is an illustration of the Bootes Void

The Bootes Void is in the constellation of Bootes   The great void is absolutely enormous, and while this great region of the universe is considered a great void, there are ‘some’ galaxies in the space but not many, which is why this great space is considered to be a great void in space.

The Bootes Void is located generally between Shapley, Corona – Borealis, Bootes & Ursa Major Superclusters.

The great void is over a staggering 330 million light years in diameter, which makes up approximately 0.3% of the observable universe.  And the Bootes Void as a massive 700 million light years from Earth.


It’s not exactly known yet why the Bootes Void and the other voids are there and why they have been formed, with technology and continued research we may find the answer, but for now these great voids will continue to be studied in order to find out some of these great wonders of the universe!


Kids Fun Facts Corner

# 1. The are at least 7 main known space voids currently in the observable  universe.

# 2. The Bootes Void is over 330 million light years in diameter.

# 3. The Bootes Void is over 700 million light years from Earth.

# 4. The Bootes Void contains approximately 60 galaxies.  


Q&A Corner

Q. How many main known space voids are there in the observable universe?

Q. Name the main known current space voids are there in the observable universe?

Q. How many light years is the Bootes Void in diameter?

Q. How many light years is the Bootes Void from Earth?

Q. How many known galaxies are in the Bootes Void?

Download questions about space voids here: space voids (answers are on this page)

For further reading and more info on space voids visit

  Key Vocabulary Space. Void. Observable. Universe. Galaxies. Stars. Planets


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