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Time Travel

If you ask anyone about time travel, you will get fascinating answers, as it’s a fascinating subject. Time travel back into the past or forward into the future is the stuff of science fiction and always has been. There are many TV show’s and movies dedicated to time travel, as it’s so interesting to try and understand the possibilities. One great movie to check out is called ‘back to the future’


So time travel naturally all starts with time. We know that time exists as we created it, as we know that things have been happening since well, the dawn of time!! Ever since the universe was created by the big bang, time has been happening, and everything that has come before us up to this very present day is because of time. So we travel in time every day, and that means that time travel is real and is something that exists when you look at it like that, as we are always travelling in time.



The big question is? Can we travel back through time to events that have already happened, or can we travel forward through time to events that have not happened yet? That has always been the great wonder. The answer is, we do not know, and there has been no evidence ever to prove travelling back or forward in time.


One of the greatest and most famous physicists Stephen Hawking who is a master on the subject believes that it’s almost impossible to travel back in time. It makes sense when you think about it. It’s in the past and it has already happened. How could you go back? So we can park time travel back in time. It’s likely to never happen.


Time travel into the future though. That’s different! That just may be possible. And here’s why.


Hawking’s theory is that if we discover how to travel really fast, up to even half the speed of light in a specially made train around the world for a period of time, of about 100 years into the future, or about a week in real time for the passengers on board, the passengers after a week of really fast travel would end up 100 years into the future from when the train first took off. It’s possible in theory and It would be fascinating one day to see, however this is also only a theory.


It is a good theory though when you think about it as time on board the train would slow down so much even though the train is going so fast. It may just happen one day when technology allows us to move so fast in time.


Q&A Corner

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