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Tadpole Galaxy

The Tadpole galaxy is a disrupted barred spiral galaxy in the constellation of Draco.

The Tadpole galaxy is named the Tadpole galaxy because it’s shape and star formation resembles that is a Tadpole.


The tail of the galaxy alone is made up of stars that are around 280 million light years. This is massive. The merger of the head and tail of the galaxy is believed to have happened around 100 million years ago.

The galaxy is likely in time to break up at its tail and lose it’s formation, creating new smaller galaxies as a result.


Key Data

Size: Diameter of over 500,000 light years.

Star Population: N/A

Distance from Earth: 420 million light years.

Galaxy Type: Disrupted Barred Spiral.

Constellation: Draco.


Kids Fun Facts Corner

# 1. The galaxy is named the Tadpole galaxy as it resembles a Tadpole.

# 2. The Tadpole galaxy is a Disrupted Barred Spiral galaxy.

# 3. The Tadpole galaxy is located in the constellation of Draco.


Q&A Corner

Q. How many million light years long is the tail of the Tadpole galaxy?

Q. What size is the Tadpole galaxy?

Q. What type of galaxy is the Tadpole galaxy?

Q. What constellation is the Tadpole galaxy in? 

Q. When did the head and tail of the galaxy merge?

Download questions about the Tadpole galaxy here: Tadpole Galaxy (answer are on this page)

For further reading and more information on the Tadpole galaxy visit galaxy

Key Vocabulary Galaxy. Constellation. Light Years. Merger. Formation


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