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Sir Richard Branson – Space Visionary

Do you know who Sir Richard Branson is, what he does and how he is involved in Space Exploration

This page is dedicated to the great man who is Sir Richard Branson

Richard Branson is truly a great entrepreneur and a great man. Richard Branson is a billionaire with over 400 companies in his business empire. Richards Virgin group has companies involved in rail & air travel. Richard owns a trains and an airline. Richard has started to make bold moves like other companies into the final frontier. Space Travel & Space Exploration.




Richard’s mission is to eventually make space travel available and affordable to people like you and I.

Before we get into Richard’s already quite remarkable achievements with space flight, let’s take a look at Richard’s early life and previous achievements that has gotten him to where he is now.




Early Life

Richard has had quite a remarkable life, an interesting childhood and early life with spectacular achievements.

Richard was born in 1950 in the UK, and while growing up had a keen interest in many different things. It was clear from a young age that Richard would do great things, and in his early adulthood had already become an entrepreneur and a millionaire. Richard would go on to set up many companies through his Virgin Group, and onto become a billionaire. 

Richard formed dyslexia at a young age, and struggled in school. Richard dropped out of school early to focus on business. Richard set up Virgin Records which was a music record company, which was very successful. Richard went on to find 100’s of other companies in the Virgin group and then on to find space exploration / space tourism company called Virgin Galactic

Career & Achievements before Virgin Galactic

Below is a list of just some of the companies Richard Branson has founded.

  • Virgin Airlines.
  • Virgin Cars.
  • Virgin Cola.
  • Virgin Express.
  • Virgin Fuels.
  • Virgin Healthcare.
  • Virgin Media.
  • Virgin Mobile.
  • Virgin Money.
  • Virgin Records.

Richard Branson has also been involved in a number is different ventures. He has been involved in just about everything you could imagine, all for the good of humanity, such as, world record attempts, humanitarian aid, climate change initiatives, along with TV pledges for charity.

And now Richard is involved in space tourism for the masses with Virgin Galactic.




Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic was founded by Richard Branson in 2004. Virgin Galactic has two main missions.

  1. Space Missions.
  2. Space Tourism.

These missions have proven a challenge to get right, with the test missions seeing difficulties. As of 2018, spacecraft VSS Unity has officially entered outer space. This is a great achievement, and this will go along way in making Richard and Virgin Galactic’s space missions a success.

Virgin Galactic is endeavoring to make space missions and space tourism a reality, however the organization is in competition with other space exploration organizations such as:

Elon Musk’s – SpaceX      &     Jeff Bezos – Blue Origin      




Kids Fun Facts Corner

# 1. Richard Branson was born in 1950.  

# 2. Richard Branson is a multi billionaire.

# 3. In 2007 Richard Branson was placed on the Forbes list of the 100 most influential people in the world.

# 4. in 2000 Richard Branson was knighted by the Queen, becoming Sir Richard Branson.

# 5. Virgin Galactic is in competition with SpaceX and Blue Origin.   

# 6. Richard Branson has founded over 400 companies in the Virgin Group.

# 7. Richard Branson founded Virgin Galactic in 2004.

# 8. Passengers who take flight on Virgin Galactic flights will officially be Astronauts.

# 9. Richard Branson will take flight personally on the maiden Virgin Galactic space flight.  

# 10. in 2018 spacecraft VSS Unity entered outer space.




Q&A Corner

Q. In what year was Richard Branson born?

Q. What disorder does Richard Branson have?

Q. How many companies has Richard Branson founded?

Q. Name three companies that Richard Branson has founded?

Q. In what year was Virgin Galactic founded?

Q. What are the two main missions of Virgin Galactic?

Q. Name the Virgin Galactic spacecraft that in 2018 reached outer space?

Q. Name the two organizations Virgin Galactic is in competition with?  

Q. In what year was Richard Branson honoured on the Forbes list?

Q. In what year was Richard Branson knighted?

Download questions about Richard Branson here: Sir Richard Branson (answer are on this page)

For further reading and more information on Richard Branson & Virgin Galactic visit Galactic


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