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New State of Matter Discovered

Scientists have discovered a new state of matter. This is huge!

April 2019, and a new state of matter has been discovered that we never knew about. Goes to show that there are so many things left to be discovered.

What does this mean, and what type of matter is this?

Well, the matter is both solid and liquid at the same time.  

How can this be? How can you have a state of matter that is both solid and liquid at the same time. So I means that the new form of matter’s atoms can be in a solid and liquid state at the same time.

The state of this type of matter has been found in a number of elements and while discovered in this form, it’s now known as a ‘chain melted-melted state’

A number of credible bodies and university researchers have verified this new state of matter, however there is a lot left to be verified on this new state of matter and what it means for us and the universe! Stay tuned and keep looking to the skies!!


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