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New NASA Telescope

Did you know that there is a new NASA telescope?

Well now quite yet however NASA are working on it.

The plan for the new NASA telescope is to look for a find ‘New Planets’ in our galaxy. The Milky Way.

Astronomers estimate that this new telescope allow discovery over thousands of planets, and will provide more data in the search for Alien life.

The new telescope will rival the current telescope, ‘Kepler’ and will provide new and more indebt pictures of the universe since pictures taken from ‘Hubble’

The telescope is called WFIRST. Which stands for:

Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope

The WFIRST will be many more times as powerful as Kepler or Hubble and many time faster. WFIRST will focus on Earth like planets in the habitable zone.

It’s not known exactly when WFIRST will be launched, however it will be soon and it is very exciting.




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