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Let us join hands to celebrate World Asteroid Day 2020!

World Asteroid Day 2020 is just round the corner and this time we are here to announce something very exciting to our space lovers!

We are inviting you all to celebrate World Asteroid Day due 30th June 2020 by joining a collaborative writing project based on World Asteroid Day 2020!

The official logo of World Asteroid Day released by United Nations

Check out the UN approved official website on World Asteroid Day! 

Here’s your chance for you to be involved in something that would really help you to win some high level of attention from people in lots of big places!

Let us explain!

Recently our website has partnered with Chinthaka Nanayakkara, who is a former Brand Ambassador of 

He is now a guest blogger on our web site! Here are some of his previous posts! Enjoy!

  1. Asteroids for International Asteroid Day!
  2. Ceres
  3. 4-Vesta is a writing platform that was launched in 2015, which enables anyone in the world to read, write and share their stories at no cost. The platform is available in nearly 70 languages!

Although Chinthaka is no more working for, he is still very much involved in organizing various writing projects on behalf of the platform on a voluntary basis.

Since 2017 he has organized 5 writing projects (which he fondly calls as WRIPES) and currently he is in the middle of his 6th WRIPE or WRIPE-6, which focuses on World Asteroid Day 2020.

WRIPES are a unique type of writing projects. WRIPES help aspiring writers from around the world to publish mini e-books based on UN recognized International Days like World Asteroid Day, get popular and become authors in a very short period of time!


Let us explain how it happens:

If we take World Asteroid Day 2020, it is celebrated each year on 30th June. Six months in advance, Chinthaka personally invites aspiring writers he has identified in to submit their draft stories that are written focusing on World Asteroid Day, through Google Drive.

Once he receives a story, he carefully edits it and informs the writer to publish it in Once it is published, Chinthaka designs a beautiful and attractive book cover for the book and sends it to the writer to adorn the book he had written.











Then, everything in place, Chinthaka starts to promote the book within the Sweek community!

Since he has about 500 followers in Sweek alone, the books he promotes become popular easily!

Chinthaka’s Writing Project on World Asteroid Day in 2018 (WRIPE-4) came to be recognized by the International Space Magazine ‘Astronomy’ and he was invited to publish a guest blog post on his work! Here it is!

Chinthaka also hosts a Youtube Channel on WRIPES! They are one of a kind!

For the best performers, he also provides author interviews! 

His current writing project, WRIPE-6 is now registered in the United Nations’ Official website on Asteroid Day. Take a look!

Okay, now here’s your chance kids! Deadline for new entries to WRIPE-6 has just passed. That means although you cannot join it as a Writer, you can still reserve your place as a Writer in the upcoming WRIPE-7, by joining WRIPE-6 as a Promoter! Just visit and type the keyword ‘ASTEROID2020’ (as one word) in the search bar and you are all ready to go! easily loads on desktop computers and also, you can download the Sweek app for free anytime!

If you are in need of further clarifications, never hesitate to directly contact Chinthaka through his email: [email protected]

This series of blog posts will continue in the coming months, bring you the latest developments in WRIPE-6, author interviews, book reviews, asteroid day fun facts and much more!

Stay tuned!


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