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First Ever Image of a Black Hole

It has happened as promised kids. This discovery will go down in history as one of the greatest discoveries in scientific and astronomy history.

If you haven’t heard and seen it yet, yes it has been revealed, the first ever image of a Black hole.

This recent and truly amazing discovery has been put together in April 2019 through a series of radio telescopes.

Black Holes are only a new discovery, that turned science fiction into science fact, only in recent years from the time of this blog post. The theory turned fact confirmed that at the center of all galaxies sits a super massive Black Hole.

The first ever confirmed Black Hole image is located in galaxy Messier 87, in the Virgo cluster, approximately 54 million light years from Earth.

This beautiful and ground breaking image can be viewed on the NASA website @  

For more information and learning on Black Holes visit.


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