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If you have learned about the planets in our solar system, you should by now be able to name them all. Give it a go and see! You should also know a lot of facts about these planets

There are also different planets that are called ‘Extra – Solar System Planets’ or simply put ‘Exoplanets’ Exoplanets are all types of planets that have been discovered outside of our solar system.


More and more exoplanets are being discovered every year. But believe it or not the first known exoplanets were only discovered about 25 years ago. Before then, we thought that only the planets in the solar system existed.

While scientists would have always kind of guessed that there were other planets in the universe, it was only confirmed a short time ago through technology. Isn’t technology amazing! 

Now we currently know that there are over 1,000 planets that exist outside of our solar system, with more and more exoplanets being discovered all the time. There are different types of exoplanets just like the different planets in our solar system.

The planets range from small to giant rocky planets – and from small to giant gas planets. We are finding more and more of these types of planets every day and how they exist through various different space missions.

The number of planets that could exist in our universe like the stars is limitless. So the answer to how many exoplanets that could be is like answer how many stars are there? The answer is infinite!

The hope is to one day find life on one these exoplanets in our galaxy or beyond. And that will then change everything for everyone forever.

Scientists are working on and theorizing all the time how we as humans can achieve this and finally find life of better still intelligent life in the universe. It could be found anywhere really, however it’s more likely that one of the exoplanets is the best bet. 


Kids Fun Facts Corner  

# 1. The Kepler mission is the main mission to discover exoplanets. 

# 2. Scientists estimate that 1 in 5 Earth like stars could have at least 1 Earth like planet in its orbit.

# 3. Currently there are no Exoplanets discovered outside of our Galaxy.


Q&A Corner

Q. When were the first Exoplanets discovered?

Q. Who discovered the first Exoplanets and when?

Q. How many Exoplanets have been discovered?

Q. How many Exoplanets could there be in the universe?

Q. Where is the most likely place to find Alien life in the universe?

Download questions about Exoplanets here: Exoplanets (answers are on this page)

For further reading and more information on Exoplanets visit

Key Vocabulary Universe. Galaxy. Solar System. Planet.  


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