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Cosmos Redshift 7

Cosmos Redshift 7 is a redshift emitter galaxy in the constellation of Sextans.

Cosmos Redshift 7 is a very special galaxy, as it’s one of the oldest known galaxies ever to be discovered in the universe. The galaxy is on a massive redshift, which means it’s hurdling through space at an extremely quick distance.

Cosmos Redshift 7 while extremely old and extremely distant is also very bright. The galaxy is around 2-3 times brighter than similar galaxies that are close to the distance away as Cosmos Redshift 7. This famous, very old and distant galaxy has been rediscovered and detected recently by a team of researchers at the European observatory.


Key Data

Size: N/A.

Star Population: N/A.

Distance from Earth: 13 billion light years.

Galaxy Type: Redshift Emitter.

Constellation: Sextans.


Kids Fun Facts Corner

# 1. Cosmos Redshift 7 is also called CR7 is now associated with a very famous soccer player called Cristiano Ronaldo.

# 2. Cosmos Redshift 7 is made up of mostly first generation stars. (Oldest Stars)

# 3. Cosmos Redshift 7 galaxy is located in the constellation of Sextans.


Q&A Corner

Q. How many more times brighter is Cosmos Redshift 7 to that of other similar galaxies ?

Q. What size is Cosmos Redshift 7?

Q. What type of galaxy is Cosmos Redshift 7?

Q. What constellation is Cosmos Redshift 7 in? 

Q. What famous soccer player is Cosmos Redshift 7 / CR7 associated with?

Download questions about the Cosmos Redshift 7 here: Cosmos Redshift 7  (answer are on this page)

For further reading and more information on Cosmos Redshift 7 visit Redshift 7

Key Vocabulary Galaxy. Constellation. Light Years. Merger. Formation


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