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Cartwheel Galaxy

The Cartwheel galaxy is a Ring galaxy in the constellation of Sculptor. 

The Cartwheel galaxy, discovered in 1941, is a fairly new galaxy in terms of when the galaxy was discovered. The galaxy is roughly the size of our very own Milky Way galaxy and is roughly a half a billion light years from Earth. 



The Cartwheel before a collision with another galaxy many hundreds of millions of years ago used to be a spiral galaxy. That all changed when it was met with another galaxy, and ever since then, the galaxy is now ‘Ring’ galaxy.

The Cartwheel galaxy is a very bright and luminous galaxy and through many forms to view, is also very beautiful. It’s like a gain Jellyfish in the night sky! 

Key Data

Size: Diameter of 150,000 light years.

Star Population: N/A. 

Distance from Earth: 500 million light years. 

Galaxy Type: Ring.

Constellation: Sculptor. 


Kids Fun Facts Corner

# 1. The Cartwheel galaxy was discovered in 1941.

# 2. The Cartwheel is mainly made of young bright stars.

# 3. The Cartwheel galaxy is a Ring galaxy. 


Q&A Corner

Q. In what year was the Cartwheel galaxy discovered?

Q. What size is the Cartwheel galaxy?

Q. What type of galaxy is the Cartwheel galaxy?

Q. What constellation is the Cartwheel galaxy in? 

Q. What type of stars is the Cartwheel galaxy mainly made up of?

Download questions about the Cartwheel galaxy here: Cartwheel galaxy (answer are on this page)

For further reading and more information on galaxies visit

Key Vocabulary Galaxy. Constellation. Ring. Light Years. 


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