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Book Review – “If an asteroid falls on Bergen, Norway” by Chiminonroll

As this week draws to a close we bring you the fifth book review (It is about Bergen, Norway!) of this exciting blog series that is based on the 6th writing project (WRIPE-6) organized by Chinthaka Nanayakkara who is a former brand ambassador of The writing project was launched in commemoration of the world asteroid day that was celebrated on 30th June 2020.

Chiminonroll joined WRIPE-6 at number 22nd participant of WRIPE-6 which is the 6th Writing Project organized by Chinthaka Nanayakkara focusing on World Asteroid Day due 30th June 2020 and became the WRIPES coordinator for Norwegian language. She maintains which is the Nordic version of WRIPES official blogger site.

Her literary work includes a World Made up of a Thousand Words, and collaborative editing and publishing with Hansha on his stories The Reflecting Nightmare and 1000 Year War.

Also there are number of translations released by Chiminonroll on behalf of WRIPE-6: Hvis en asteroide krasjer på Juiz de For a, Hvis en asteroide krasjer på Cape town, Sør Afrika, Hvis en asteroid krasjer på Tsjad, Hvis en asteroide krasjer på Rio de Janeiro, Hvis en asteroide krasjer på Andhra Pradesh and Hvis en asteroide krasjet på Bergen.

Hvis en asteroide krasjet på Bergen is actually the Nordic version of Chiminonroll’s entry to WRIPE-6 is “If an asteroid falls on Bergen, Norway” which is available in many languages.

In Norwegian:

In Afrikaans:

In Portuguese:

In Turkish:

In Hindi:

The story has been commented upon as “awesome work’ by Tanushree Chowdhury who is the Hindi and Korean Coordinator of WRIPE-5 and WRIPE-6. Samantha Carneiro, the Portuguese Coordinator of WRIPE-6 exclaims “Loved it!”

Chiminonroll has a gift for creating vivid imagery in a reader’s mind. This is pretty evident throughout her story; especially at the opening of her story when she sails into a rich description about the misty coastline of Bergen, with its numerous fjords and rocky mountains.

At the middle of the story, however, the mesmerizing description of the attractive geographical features of Bergen is subtly nudged towards the characteristic ‘always rainy’ weather in this part of Norway. When she mentions the oversight of NASA to detect the oncoming asteroid in good time to comply with the writing prompt given, it is almost a pity to escape from that rainy, fairy world of fjords and mountains.

The extent of possible damage on Norway by Asteroid 2020 is mind numbing. She theorizes that the collision impact would be“60 times greater than the atomic blast in Hiroshima” and explains the plausible scenarios if the asteroid falls into the sea, or if it makes landfall on – yeah –land.

You can enjoy the “If an asteroid falls on Bergen, Norway” FOR FREE in and if you find it as an really interesting read, you can share it among your friends, Like and Follow – and here comes the most exciting part -stand a chance to participate in upcoming WRIPE-7 or the 7th Writing Project of

If you are really lucky your book would be featured in Youtube promo videos and in blog posts like this.


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