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Aurora Borealis / Australis

The Aurora Borealis / Australis is a fantastic phenomenon….


The Aurora or Polar Lights are an amazing sight, that can been seen from the Earth or above the Earth in the Artic or Antarctic.

The Aurora Borealis at the Artic is called the Northern Lights.

The Aurora Australis at the Antarctic is called the Southern Lights.


This phenomenon occurs naturally when the magnetosphere meets the solar wind, charging particles. Other stuff happens, and it’s more complicated, so this is the simple explanation.

The results of this occurrence are fantastic sheets of light of different and amazing colors spread across the night sky.


The Aurora’s color’s range from Red to Green to Blue to Yellow & even sometimes Pink. The colors depend on the altitude of each occurrence.

Noise: The Aurora also at times and at a certain altitude creates a noise. The noise is like a hissing  or a crackling sound.

The Aurora can be seen at times in different regions in the world outside of both the North & South poles, however that its a rear occurrence. If you want to ever get the chance of seeing this amazing phenomenon, visit or move to as far north or as far south as you can. Or try and hitch a ride in the ISS. (international space station) and see it from space. !  


Kids Fun Facts Corner

# 1. Aurora’s occur on other planets in the solar system.

# 2. Aurora’s occur also in the daytime however are best seen at night.

# 3. The northern lights and more active and stronger than the southern lights.


Q&A Corner

Q. Where does the Aurora Borealis occur?

Q. Where does the Aurora Australis occur?

Q. What is the Aurora Borealis also known as?

Q. What is the Aurora Australis also known as?

Q. Name some of the colors of the Aurora?

Download questions about the Aurora here: Aurora (answers are on this page)

For further reading and more information Aurora visit

Key Vocabulary Aurora. Borealis. Australis. Northern. Southern. Lights.


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