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Extreme Solar System Weather

Extreme Weather

Like extreme weather on Earth, there is extreme weather in different places in the solar system that scientists are aware of, can track and can actually see.

Jupiter’s Storms

The very clear example of extreme weather on a distant planet is the huge spot that is visible on Jupiter. This is a great big storm that has been raging for a very long time. 


This storm on Jupiter is called the ‘Great Red Spot’

This storm has been raging for as long as we know, and is still going. Its not unusual for a Jovian planet like Jupiter to have storms from weather that are raging all of the time, as Jupiter is a gas planet.

The Great Red Spot storm made from extreme weather is about 25,000 miles across which is way bigger than our very own planet.

The picture below will give you a size comparison.



Solar Winds

Yes. There is such a thing as solar winds, which are extreme winds in the solar system.

One very good and simple example of a solar wind is in the solar system on our very own sun. The stream of charged particles that is released from the atmosphere, which is called a Corona.

The Corona or Solar Wind is obviously different to a normal type wind on Earth. For one the solar wind is extremely hot, and also reaches extreme speed.  


Saturn’s Winds

So there are winds on different plants, and even on the sun. Another example of extreme weather in the solar system is on the very beautiful planet of Saturn.

The stunning rings around Saturn are clouds of Rock, Dust & Ice. These clouds are moving at different speeds, and in different directions. Those clouds blow the same as wind both eastward and westward, at extreme speed and temperature.  


Kids Fun Facts Corner

# 1. The atmosphere on Mars creates wind that creates dust storms.

# 2. The atmosphere on Mercury is very thin producing no weather.  

# 3. The atmosphere in Earth is thick producing mixed weather.


Q&A Corner

Q. What is the name of the large storm on Jupiter?

Q. How many miles across is the large storm on Jupiter?

Q. What is a solar wind also known as?

Q. What are the rings of Saturn made of?

Q. Name the planet in the solar system that has no atmosphere and no weather?

Download questions about extreme weather here: extreme solar system weather (answers are on this page)

For further reading and more info on extreme weather visit solar system weather

  Key Vocabulary Solar System. Planet. Sun. Earth. Wind.


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